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Cold weather wear can be so much fun! I love cowls, don't you? They are so easy to make and to wear. You don't have to drag around a large scarf, you just drop it into your purse and you're set to go. If there is a chilly wind or a change in the weather, you're ready to be warm in style! Two different but similar textures hug your neck in warmth. This cowl is then completed in front in a third stitch that adds visual appeal to the whole. You can leave it as is or add a button of your choice.

Red Heart worsted weight yarn Guava (1 skein)
Crochet hook size H
Blunt needle
Optional: Decorative button of your choice

Sise- 34" L x 5" W
Skill- Relatively easy

This cowl is not crocheted in the round, it is joined together at the end.

With Guava and H hook, ch 100.
Row 1- 1 sc and 1 dc in second ch from hook, skip 1 ch, *1 sc and 1 dc in next ch, skip next ch, rep from * across, work 1 sc in last ch of row. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2- Skip first st, work 1 sc and 1 dc in next st, *skip next st, work 1 sc and 1 dc in next st, rep from * across. Ch 1, turn.
Rows 3 to 6- Rep row 2. Ch 1, turn.
Change of texture-
Row 7- 1 sc in each stitch across. (99 sc) Ch 1, turn.
New texture-
Row 8- 1 sc in 1st sc, *draw up lop in same sc, yo, draw up loop in next sc, yo and through the 4 loops on hook, 1 sc in next sc, rep from * across. (Loop Pattern made) Ch 2, turn.
Row 9- 1 hdc in each st across. (99 hdc) Ch 1, turn.
Row 10- Rep row 8. Ch 2, turn.
Row 11- 1 hdc in each st across. (99 hdc)
Rows 12 to 14- Alternate rows 8 and 9. Ch 1, turn.
Row 15- 1 sc in each st across. DO NOT FASTEN OFF!

Bottom of Cowl- 
Row 1- Working across narrow edge of Cowl, work 18 sc across narrow edge, do NOT ch 1, insert hook into the first st of next side of Cowl and make 1 sc, (Cowl is joined), work 17 more sc across narrow edge of second side of cowl. (36 sc) Ch 2,turn.
Row 2- Working in Front Loops ONLY, make 1 hdc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn. (36 sts)
Row 3- Working in Back Loops ONLY, make 1 sc in each hdc across. (36 sts)
Rows 4 to 9- Alternate rows 2 and 3, finish with an sc row. DO NOT FASTEN OFF!
Shell Edging- 
Make 5 sc-shell in firt sc of row, *skip 3 sc, 5-sc shell in next sc, rep from * across, to finish row, skip 2 sc, and work 5-sc shell in last sc of row. Fasten off and weave in tails.

You're done!

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Jackie said...

Thank you for the lovely pattern!

Craftybegonia said...

You are most welcome, enjoy!