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Have you ever been out of ideas? Yikes!!!
Well, sometimes going around the house and looking at things in a different way might crack a window open into your mind and give you a fresh approach to your crafts.
Let me tell you a little story. Some years ago, while I was still in highschool, money was tight, and my mom had a birthday coming up at the office and really wanted to give something to a co-worker who was really nice to her.
Well, she didn't have anything in mind, and her paycheck was all taken up, so. . .she decided to make something rather than buy it. She knew how to sew, she knew how to paint. . .so she went to a fabric store, got some natural-colored burlap (yes, burlap!!!) got some paper, some soft batting and some cotton tan fabric for a lining. Then she bought some natural number 10 crochet thread and a wooden button. With the paper she cut the shape of a clutch bag, all in one piece with flap and all. She drew some nice flowers across the front of the flap and painted them with bright colors in acrylic paint. Let them dry really well, and started to put together the bag. She sandwhiched the batting between the burlap and the lining, and stitched away at the edges of the bag carefully sewing in the seams. She made a loop with the thread, sewed it on and the button in place, and she had a bag!
When birthday present time came she was ready. The bag was such a hit that the girl who received it wanted more, one for her sister, one for her mom. . .it turned into a cottage industry and my mom paid more than one bill with it.
Inspiration is just looking at something common in a different way, saying, I wonder if this would work, and giving it a go. . .

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