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My Sister has a whole wad of shopping cards which she regularly uses, at the pharmacy, different supermarkets, etc. She wanted to have them all organized and handy but she did not want to have them in her wallet, so she purchased a smaller little wallet with plastic sleeves, to put them into but with use, the sleeves tore and she came to me and asked me to make her a little bag  that she could use to keep her shopping cards all organized and readily available in her purse or bag. I made her this simple but very useful little bag and decided to share it with all of you, just in case it could also be useful to any of you!

Skill- Easy
Size- 4 1/2" W x 3 3/4" L approx.

Worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart Shocking Pink)
1 button of your choice (3/4" wide)
Sewing thread to match the bag or button
Sewing needle
Blunt needle to sew bag together and to weave in tails

Ch 35.
Row 1- 1 sc in third ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 2, turn.(34 sc, counting the ch bump on the first st)
Row 2- 1 hdc in each sc across. (34 hdc) Ch 2, turn.
Row 3- 1 hdc in each hdc across. (34 hdc) Ch 1, turn.
Row 4- 1 sc in each hdc across. (34 sc) Ch 2, turn.
Rows 5 to 11- Alternate 2 hdc rows and 1 sc row. Fasten off, leaving long tail to sew with.

Working on Wrong Side, thread blunt needle and sew side and bottom of little bag. Fasten off and weave in tail.

Join Yarn to the Back you your little bag, to start Flap.

Row 1- Work 15 hdc across Back of bag. Ch 2, turn. (15 hdc)
Row 2- 1 hdc in each hdc across. (15 hdc) Ch 1, turn.
Row 3- 1 sc in each hdc across. (15 sc)
Rows 4 to 7- Continue as before until you complete these 7 rows. (15 sts) Ch 1, turn.
Row 8- Sl st in each of first  6 sts, ch 4, skip 2 sts, sl st in each st till end of row. Ch 1, turn.
Row 9- 1 sc in each st across. (15 sc) Fasten off, weave in tail.

Sew button in Front of Bag. Fasten off, make a knot inside Bag.


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Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Clotilde, this looks like such a cute little card holder to make for your handbag. Thanks I will try and make this. Julie xx

Craftybegonia said...

Hi Julie, yes, Anna Marie loves it, it keeps all her rebate cards handy and she doesn't have to be fishing around for them when she's on a line or in front of the cash register.

Laura said...

What a sweet little bag! =)

Craftybegonia said...

Thank you! She loves it. No more fumbling at the cash register! Hope you make one for yourself and thoroughly enjoy the ease of having all your rewards cards and other shopping cards neatly in one place for easy access!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful pattern :)

Craftybegonia said...

You are most welcome, moralsgonegood. Enjoy!