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This is an easy, but pretty short cowl that works up pretty fast. Ideal for a gift, a charity project or to add to your purple outfits. Enjoy!

Skill- Intermediate
Size- 6" W x 25" L

Red Heart worsted weight yarn Orchid (1 skein)
Crochet hook size H
Blunt or yarn needle
Measuring tape

Ch 35 loosely.
Row 1- Work 1 dc in third ch from hook, skip next 3 chs, make 1 sc in next ch, *ch 3, make 1 dc in each of next 3 chs, skip next 3 chs, 1 sc in next ch, repeat from * across. Ch 3, turn.
Row 2- Work 2 dc in first sc, ch 1, skip 2dc, sc in next dc, ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 3 ch, *skip next 2 dc, 1 sc in next dc, ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 3 ch, ch 1, rep from * to end of row, 1 sc in top of turning chain.
Repeat row 2 until piece measures 25 inches, fasten off, leaving a long enough tail to sew and then to weave in ends.
Sew the piece into a tube, weave in ends.

You're done!

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