A Little Bit of my Weaving

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I would like to share a bit of my weaving.

I became interested in card weaving years ago but didn't start on it till last year when I researched it more, obtained some patterns and built my own loom with three pieces of 2x4s a few screws and a few braces to wrap the fibers around. Got an artist's drawing pad (they have a heavy very resilient weight of paper), made my cards following instructions from a book and started. All I really had to buy was the thread, I used mostly ·3 crochet thread because it is thicker and the pattern shows more, and a shuttle to wrap the threads and togo in and out of my rows as I turned the cards which swing from their own threads in "clothesline-style" arrangement in the loom. I have thought about buying a heddle so that I could make scarfs, but honestly, I haven't had the time nor the money, so for now, it is narrow stuff.

Here are some of my efforts.

These could be used as handles for crocheted totes, they could become belts or even dog leashes!

Hope you like them.


It's He Who Plods Along

It isn't those who start the race
That see the victor's flag.
It isn't those who surge ahead,
And then begin to lag.
It isn't he who brags the most
Of what he'll do or dare,
Nor even those who look the best,
When runners you compare.

No, friend, the winner in the race,
Is he who plods along;
That sets a pace and never flags,

No matter what goes wrong.

Though other men may surge ahead,
He knows naught of defeat.
But plodding steadily, he finds
That victory is sweet.

So, we are runners in life's race,
And each can surely win.
But if we fall, we must get up,
And start right in again.
It isn't he who starts so well
That wins the victor's cup,
But he who labors on and on,
And never will give up.

Warren Wilson, 1969.

It is no disgrace to stumble or fall, but to remain down.

If you feel a little down sometimes and would like a meaningful lift, not just empty words, visit this site, it has inspired many!


Take care and let creativity keep rolling!


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