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Recycling is always good, making something useful and sometimes, even beautiful out of an object that would have been thrown away otherwise. . .It is wonderful when you can combine creativity with recicling.
Pull Tab Crochet is one of those unique combinations.
Yes, I'm talking about the pull tabs in soda cans and other cans. You can crochet with them and create a large variety of items, such as doilies, placemats, belts , dog collars and leashes, coasters, tote bags and even clothing!
If you have never heard of Pull Tab Crochet, let me give you a basic start.
I will give you one of the simplest of patterns and try to illustrate it step by step.
Once you get the idea, your creativity and the amount of pull tabs you can get your hands on are your only limitation!
This is my own pattern for a simple flower coaster
Materials: Scraps of crochet thread #10 crochet thread, at least 6 soda can pull tabs, crochet hook size 1.

With scrap size 10 cotton thread of your choice and hook No.1, Ch 6, slip st to form ring. Ch2, then inside ring make 23 hdc. Ch2. Turn.1 Hdc in same space as ch2, 2 hdc in each space all around until you reach the last 6 sts, make1 hd in each. Fasten off.

Take 1 of the pull tabs and with two threads held together, begin to sc on the side of the upper portion of the lower ring of the tab. Continuing straight up, edging the upper ring of the tab. Go all around until you meet the beginning level on the other side of the tab. Fasten off.

Repeat with all pull tabs.

You can test to see how your flower will look.

Now take the centre you had made and with the front facing, lay a crocheted pull tab on top, aligning with the upper edge, sc through the back loop of the pull tab and both loops of the centre round with two threads held togehter, 3 times (3 sc). Slip st on next 3 st, then attach the next crocheted pull tab as before, rep. across.You can leave it as is and fasten off or you can do a row of shells all around on the lower portion of the rings.
As you can see, you join them with the silver portion around the centre of the flower or facing outward or viceversa.
This flower could be used for anything, a coaster, a fridgie. . .You can do many variations of this simple pattern. Now, what I have given you could very well be the start of something. If you continue crocheting, you can make the front of a purse. How about a sturdy market bag or a tote to carry your crochet in? It is all up to your imagination!

Enjoy yourself!

"Once I thought to find on earth
Love, perfect and complete.
Now I know it carries wounds
In its hands and feet."
--Anna Hempstead Branch

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