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I learned to make tassels as a child when, at school, I learned to make tassel dolls. They were fun and easy to make so I have always liked tassels.They can be very complex though, and I am learning how to make those, but for now, I will share here a couple of the simplest tassels.If you are going to use them for a project, color coordinate them with that pillow, afghan or purse handle you are going to hang them from. There are many kinds of tassels, some can be used to decorate the zipper of a toiletries bag, others can be put in the corners of a crocheted, knit or embroidred pillow, or on the corners of an afghan or poncho. Some are so decorative that they can be used on curtain pulls, on ceiling fan pulls, and on the handles of purses. I want to share with you some fun tassels that you can make. For simplicity's sake and because we are in winter, we will be using yarn. So these are the materials you will be needing: Worsted weight yarn of at least 3 different colors which coordinate with a project you want your tassel to embellish. A pair of scissors. A piece or cardboard about 4 inches wide.

Two-Toned Tassel-

You can make this tassel in a combination of yarns, or threads, you can even start it with thin ribbon, ricrac or thin lace and then continue it with yarn and make it as fancy as you want to, depending on the use you will be making of it. For example, if you are going to use it to decorate something in your home like a curtain tieback, or to put it on the corners of a table runner, or on the edges of a stole, you select the materials according to the use you will be making of it.

1. Choose the color you want for the longest part of your tassel and begin with that one. Hold the yarn firmly around the piece of cardboard you have cut to the specific width you need and start winding the yarn around it over and over, but not too tightly, until you have wound it around 26 times.

2. With a contrasting color, and taking care to stay on top of the previous color of yarn, wind the yarn 20 times.

3. With your third contrasting yarn, cut a length twice as long as the suspension cord you want for your tassel (the cord from which it will hang), fold in half, make a knot on one end and twist with your two hands going in opposite directions, one end of the cord going forward and the other end going backwards, until the the cord is twisted. Tie another knot at the other end. Slip your cord under the yarn still in the looping cardboard, making sure you get your cord underneath ALL of the yarn. Tie your cord as tightly as possible. Make a knot.

4.Wind the same contrasting yarn that you used for the cord around the tassel 15 times. Make a knot. Then, taking a crochet hook, pull the ends of the yarn inward so that they will not be seen.You now have a simple but very nice two-toned soft tassel. you could leave it like that, but let's go one step further. . .


Divide the contrasting yarn already on the tassel in 4 eaqual sections as if it was hair. Take some small portions of the contrasting ayrn with which you tied the tassel and tie these small sections, making small knots at the back of each. You can leave the hanging cords at the sides or snip them according to your liking.

Tufted Tassel-

To make this tassel, follow the steps to the two-toned tassel above, then just measure about 1 1/2 inches and snip the contrasting yarn off and you have your tufted tassel! If you use two contrasting yarns, like for example, a chenille yarn and a nice softer yarn for the tuft, you can get very nice effects. Hope you like this short tutorial. You can make a lot of different tassels. Use these for bookmarks, put them at the end of the zipper of your toiletries bag, tie one to the knob of a set of drawers, you name it!

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