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Some call it row count, others give it other names, it is just transfering an image to crochet or knitting. If you have a favorite pattern for simple sweaters but are getting tired of repeating it over and over, just changing yarn colors, here's an idea, Why not add a picture to it?

Especially if you are making it for your child. The easiest way I can tell you how is to get yourself one of those little software programs that turn drawings into cross stitch. Then, select a drawing you would like to use, or make one, or perhaps even a photo (if you are brave!) and upload it into your computer.

Then, open it in the software, and ask it to turn it into a cross stitch pattern.

Print it out.

Then calculate the size and adapt it to the schematic of the sweater you already know how to make. You can have an almost endless variety of changes. Fom making something as simple as front pockets with teddy bear faces, to a dog face at the back, to anything that comes into your mind!

For the examples I've included here, I've chosen a knitted child sweater I made. The "pictures" in it are very simple but effective enough to make the sweater cute.

The colors added follow the shades of two different variegated yarns, some are a used to contrast the multi yarns a bit, but all harmonize (please see my old post about how to use color effectively in your crochet and knitting: here's where you'll find that post: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2008/11/how-to-create-new-yarns-and-thread-with.html)

A clock pointing the hour with little hearts fills the top of the back. And a row of flowers plus a larger heart trim the bottom. Multicolored teddy bears and different sized hearts make the front fun for a child to put on.

If you like to buy old used crochet and knitting encyclopedias, which often bring a lot of dated garments, you can revamp them for your kids by using a method like this one and making "picture" sweaters or favorite things (a cupcake, a kitty, something sweet that your child likes.)

I hope this short tutorial helps you to enjoy your knitting and crocheting a lot more and make them more productive!

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