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If you are a scrapbooker and a crocheter, then you know how wonderful it is to add crocheted embellishments to your scrapbooking, especially if you are clever and are looking to save some money in ready made stuff or if you just want something original. If you crochet and love scrapbooking but never thought of joining the two. Here are some ideas you can try to open the doors of your imagination:

1. If you make granny squares, try making some with cotton thread, which is finer, and using them as "pockets" in your pages for notes.

2. Fold them in a triangular shape, sew the sides, glue the back to your page and insert something in it as a surprise, it could be a note, a dry flower, a short poem, etc. of course, you can embellish these with glitter, buttons, beads or even brads.

3. Use crocheted bands of color glued across your page or crocheted edgings and use them to trim cards, notes or pages.

4. Make sockies and add them to baby scrapbooking.

5. If you recycle old cards as part of your scrapbooking, add crochet embellishments such as motifs, flowers, rounds.

6. You can use tasseled shells, for corners.

These are only a few suggestions. I’ve included some photos to show you some of these examples put into practice. But of course,

there are many many things you could do as well.

I hope these tips will get you going.

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