Golden Seasons Medallion

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This is a beautiful but simple medallion. You can use it to make a shawl, you can use it to make a nice cardi as follows: Take your favorite cardigan or sweater, place it on top of a sheet of brown paper, trace all around it. With a measuring tape, measure length, width, sleeve length, waist, hip (if the garment is that long) depth of neckline, shoulder width, and all necessary measurments. Write them all down with a permanent marker on your template of paper. Now, begin to make these motifs. Fasten off and clip them with pins at intervals all over your brown paper template. You can make your cardi really lacy by spacing them widely and then just making chain 5, slip st, ch 5 to the next medallion and from that medallion back to the one you started from until you have filled the space in between them with a lacy chain ground. Or you can put them rather close to one another and make short chains in between them, once you have filled the shape of your garment, just sc all around the neckline and hte bottom. You can shape the sleeves pretty much the same way and sc around to form a nice cuff. You can use this medallion (working in cotton thread) for a beautiful tablecloth or a very lovely bedspread.
Here are the instructions you need:
With Worsted weight Gold-colored yarn and size H crochet hook, ch 5. Sl st to join ring.
Rnd 1-Ch 2, make 14 hdc in ring. Sl st to join ring. Rnd 2- Ch 5, yo to make a trin same spot, start tr and leave the last loop undone, rep twice more in same spot, yo to make another tr,l eave unfinished, yo and pull loop through all loops on hook, *ch 5, skip 1 hdc, yo to make 1 tr in next hdc, leave tr unfinished, yo to make another tr, leave unfinished, yo to make another tr, leave unfinished, yo too make last tr of cluster, leave unfinished, then yo and pull loop through all loops on hook (cluster made), rep from * all around. To end rnd, ch 5 and slip st in beginning ch. (7 clusters made). Rnd 3- sl st to reach top of first cluster. Ch 3, make 6 dc in same spot, *ch 1, skip to top of next cluster 7 dc in top of that cluster, ch 1, skip to top of next cluster, 7 dc in topo of that cluster, rep from * around. Fasten off.

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Geowyn said...

So far, I have made 60 of these from your pattern. I used a no. 3 steel crochet hook and No. 10 crochet thread. After I got the shells finished I slip stitched to the middle of the shell then chained 8 and sc to the middle of the next shell all around. Then did 12 single crochets over the chains. It made a little studier motif for the thread used. Now to figure out what to do with these and how I am going to join them. I am thinking of making an old fashion antimasscar for one of my new living room chairs. Thank you for the pattern. Bonnie

craftybegonia said...

Great idea, Bonnie! You can even make a nice stole for yourself.
I am very glad that you enjoy the pattern.