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Summer is coming and you want to crochet but your creativity has hit a wall. Let’s see if these few tips will break through it.

1. Start with color. Get your patterns and look for one that you like and want to follow, but don’t necessarily want to immitate to the smallest degree. Well, think of a basic color you like: Brown, Tan, Black, Navy or White. Then, add a splash of color: Orange, Yellow, Lime or Fuchsia. And take it from there. You can add two more colors. Like for example, if you are making a top, and you want checks or stripes, you can do Navy, white and Lime, and even add a dash of yellow. It would look happy and still be cool for summer because of the blue and green. If you want something a bit more hot, start with a chocolate brown, add tan, a bright yellow and a bright orange like pumpkin.
If your real favorite is red, but you don’t want an all over red piece, and you are tired of red and white, and you have already done red, white and blue. Try red white and lime, or red white and yellow. Even red and natural. Or red, ecru and black.

2. Texture. If you don’t have a pattern, try my formula for making a sweater without a pattern and do blocks of different, rich textures that please your eye. You can make them in different shades of a family of color like: cream, sand, ecru, taupe, and combine them all. You will end up with a pretty top you can wear with just about any color of skirt of pants.

3. Shape. If you want to try something different. Buy yourself a Sew Easy pattern for a nice top. Cut it out and transfer the pattern onto brown paper (that way it will not break as you work on it.) Then choose a shape. Let’s say a triangle or an octagon or a hexagon. Make as many motifs as needed to fillout the outline of your pattern and make little motifs like rounds, for example, to fill in the gaps and you’ve got yourself a new piece!

4. Mixed-Crafts. Do you know how to knit as well as to crochet? Then combine both. Add gorgeous cables to your crocheted pieces. True, you can make them in crochet as well, but there are many more Aran stitches for knitters and you would have a lot more variety to choose from. Do you know how to embroider as well was to crochet? Combine them.Make blocks that are solely sc and then embroider them with pretty lazy daisy stitch or any other stitch you prefer.

5. Top/Bottom Contrast.
Finally, there’s another way in which you can change the simplest of shell patterns. Do the top in one stitch, let’s say hdc, and the bottom in shell stitch, cables, a ripple stitch or even in lacy motifs. The contrast will make the garment interesting.

Hope these simple tips will get your creative juices flowing again.
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