Textured Back Scrubber

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This is a beauty for your shower! Easy to make and relatively fast too.
If you are making a basket of bath or shower things to give away as a gift, this is a great addition!

Textured Back Scrubber
Materials: 1 cone worsted weight cotton, color of your choice
Size H crochet hook (5.00 mm)

Special stitches: Front Post Dc: Yarn over, insert your hook from the front to the back and then then to the front again around the vertical post (which is the upright part of the dc you are working on), yarn over and draw your yarn through as you would for a normal dc, yarn over, and complete your dc.
Back Post Dc: Yarn over, insert the hook from the back to the front on the right side of the post to the left, working around the vertical post, yarn over and draw the yarn through, yarn over and complete your dc ad you normally do it.
Note: Each ch 3 counts as first dc of next row. Every Ch 1, counts as 1 sc.
Base row: Ch 22, make 1 dc in 4th ch from hk, and in every ch across. Ch 3, turn.
Row 1: Make 1 front post dc in 2nd dc of prev row, make 1 dc in next dc, *make a front post dc in next dc from prev row, make 1 normal dc in next dc, rep from * to end of row. Ch 3 turn.
Row 2: Make a back post dc in 2nd dc of row, make a normal dc in next dc, *make a back post dc in next dc, make a normal dc in next dc. Rep from * across.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 alternatively until you have completed 44 rows, without counting the base row.
Make 2 rows of slip stitch.
Row 48: Ch 1, make 5 sc across the row, ch 1, turn, make 5 sc, ch 1, turn. Repeat until you have completed 10 rows. Fasten off.
Row 49: Skip 8 stitches and make 1 sc in next st, and next 5 sts. Ch1, turn. Make 5 sc across, ch 1, turn. Repeat until you have completed 10 rows. Ch 1, turn. Make 5 sc across, then ch 8 and sc 5 sts on the other side to finish the row. Ch 1, turn.
Row 50: Sc 5 across, then sc 8 across the chain you made in the prev row, 1 sc in each ch, then 5 sc to finish the row.
Rep row 50 5 more times.
You have formed the "handle" with which you will hold your back scrubber.
repeat on the other end of your scrubber and fasten off.
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