Oatmeal and Cornstarch Scrubby

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Oatmeal Bath--- Oatmeal baths are not only for soothing away poison ivy and poison oak! Oatmeal contains plant hormones and some oils which soften and soothe the skin. 1 tablespoon or two of oatmeal is enough if you are going to use is as a scrubby, if you want to use the bag to float on your bathtub, fill it with at least 1/2 cup of oats.
Cornstarch is refreshing in the summer, especially if you have very sensitive skin which gets irritated by increased perspiration, or which suffers from rashes or sunborn easily. A couple of tablespoons of cornstarch with or without oartmeal added will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and comfortable. It can really help soothe dry, itchy skin.
Traditionally, oatmeal i used ina cheesecloth bag, but this crocthered scrubby is ideal because it serves a dual purpose, if you want to take a bathtub bath, just let it float in the warm water until it turns milky. Soak it in it to your hert's content.
Another way of using it is as an actually scrubby, putting the oatmeal and or the corstarch inside the bag, closing the bag and actually scrubbing your wet skin with it to exfoliate and ssoothe your skin at the same time. You can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil if you want to, like lavender, lilac or rose.

Worsted weight cotton and zise F hook.

With worsted weight cotton and size F hook, ch 33.

Row 1- 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook and on each ch across. (32 sc). Ch 1, turn.
Row 2- 1 sc in every sc across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 3- Insert hook not in the front loop but inthe little straight loop under the front loop and make 1 sc, rep across. (To make sure you are doing it right, check the back, you will see a flat chain forming across. All rows will look as if you were not turning, as if you were making your single crochets only facing front. )
Row 4- Rep row 2.
Row 5- Rep row 3.
Row 6- Rep row 2.
Row 7- Rep row 3.
Row 8- Rep row 2.
Row 9- Rep row 3.
Continue, alternating these 2 rows until you have completed 19 rows total.
Eyelet row- Ch 3, skip 1 st, 1 sc in next st, *ch 2, skip 1 st, 1 sc in next st, rep from * across. 1 sc to end row.
Next row- Ch 3, 1 dc in each st across.
Next row (Edging): Ch 3, 4 dc in same st, skip 3 dc, 1 sc in next dc. *Skip 3 dc, make 5 dc in next st, 1 sc in next dc, skip 3 dc, 5 dc in next dc, skip 3 dc, 1 sc in next dc, rep from * across. To end row, skip 2 sts after last sc, and make a 4 dc shell in last st.

Turn your work inside out and sew all around to close into into a “bag”. Fasten off.
Closing and hanging cord- Make a chain of 72 sts. Insert 1 end of it from the middle back to the middle front of the bag. Fasten off the end of that side of the cord, and then fold the end over itself and make a knot to hang. Repeat with the other end of the cord.

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Catherine/Yarncat said...

Wonderful idea!Thanks!!

Alysha said...

I agree with Yarncat, my old friend. I have made little bags for soap, but never thought of using them for keeping the oatmeal in one place. It would be nice to enjoy a bath without little oats floating around. :O)