Shell-Adorned Lacy Neck Warmer

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Worsted weight yarn of your choice of colors (about half of a skein for each color) Size E crochet hook Ch 110.

Row 1: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook and in every ch across.

Row 12: Ch 3, 1 d in next dc and in every dc across.

Row 3: Rep Row 2. If you have chosen to make the scarf of various colors, (this is a great scrap yarn buster), fasten off. Join new color with a sl st.

Row 4: Ch 1, 1 sc in each dc across.

Row 5: Ch 2, skip 1 ch, sc in next sc, ch 1, *sc in next ch, ch 1, skip 1 sc and sc in next sc. Rep from * across.

Row 6 (Right side or nice lacy shell pattern will be lost): 1 sc in 1st sc, c

h 1, 2 sc in ch 1 space, skip next sc, 2 sc in next ch 1 space, rep across. Fasten off (if you have chosen to make the scarf in different colors). Change color.

Row 7: Join new color. 1 sc in 1sc, ch 1, 1 sc in next sc, skipping 1 sc in between, repeat across.

Row 8: (Right Side) Rep row 5.

Row 9: Rep row 6. Rep rows 5 and 6 until you have the width you want. (I made 2 repeats in total because I wanted a neck warmer that didn't let any wind through, because I am making these for charity). Let's suppose you want to finish it after just a couple of repeats:

Row 10: Ch 2, 1 sc in each st across.

Row 11: Ch 3, 1 dc in each sc across.

Rows 12-13: Rep row 11. Fasten off. With contrasting color, join with sl st and sc all around scarf.

Strap: Using a contrasting color in harmony with the ones used for the scarf, ch 21, sc in 3rd ch from hook. Ch 3, 4 dc in 1 st sc, skip 3 sc, *5 dc in next sc, skip 3 sc, 1next sc, rep across. Going around the strap (working in the bottom loops of the foundation row ): 1 sc, skip 3 loops, 5 dc in next loop, sk 3 loops, 1 sc, 5 dc in next loop, rep across, join with sl st. fasten off. Sew strap to the scarf at the height of your choice. Fasten off. Clean up threads. Join the same contrasting color to one of the corners of the sides of the scarf, and sc all around the scarf, going also over the edges of the strap to anchor it well. As you reach the bottom of each edge of the scarf, if you want to you can just sc straight across or work 5 dc in one space, skip a space, 1 sc, repeat, then continue with sc until you reach the other edge and repeat the shells across. Fasten off. Clean up threads. You can also make this scarf longer and thicker and close it into a tube and use it as a shoulder warmer. If you want to use it a s a mini-stole, you can make the scarf thicker and when you do the edging, you can make it longer so that the little shoulderette stole will fit around your shoulders. You can leave the strap as a form of closure, but of course, you will have to make it wider and thicker so that it will widstand use.

Pattern has been corrected!

This pattern is mine. DO NOT post it in your site without my permission and without giving me credit for it and DO NOT sell it. It is for personal use or charity use only.

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Worthie Harris Holden

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