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This is a beautiful but simple motif that could be used for many, many things: Afghans, shawls, wraps, tops, even purses.
Red Heart worsted weight yarn any color of your choice (I used Pale Yellow)
Crochet hook size H
Blunt needle to weave in ends

With yarn ch 5, sl st to join rnd.
Rnd 1- Ch 3, yo, pull up loop, yarn through as if you were you were going to make a dc, but leave unfinished on hook, rep once more, yo and through all loops on hook. *Ch 4, yo, pull up loop and begin a dc, leave unfinished on hook, repeat twice more,yo and through all loops on hook. (Petal made) rep from * until you have a total of 6 petals made, ch 4, sl st to beg ch-3 to join rnd.

Rnd 2- Sl st till you reach first ch-4 space, ch 3, 2 dc in ch, ch 3, 3 dc in ch, ch 2, **3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in next ch-4 sp, ch 2, rep from **till end of rnd. Ch 2, join rnd.

Fasten off, weave in ends.



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