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I have always loved flower motifs. They are so useful for so many decorative things in crochet! Here is a simple but lovely one for your collection of motifs. Enjoy!

Worsted weight yarn in color of your choice (I used Red Heart's Light Raspberry)
Crochet hook size H

Ch 5, sl st to join ring.
Rnd 1- Ch 3, 2 dc i n ring, ch 3, [3 dc in ring, ch 3,] rep till end of rnd. sl st to join rnd.
Rnd 2- Sl st till you reach the first ch-3 space, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in that ch-sp, ch 2, 1 sc in second dc of next 3-dc group, ch 2, [3 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in next ch-3 sp, ch 2, 1 sc in second dc of next 3-dc group, ch 2,] rep till end of rnd. Sl st to join rnd and fasten off, weave in tail.


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Best Blog Tips


Charlotte said...

Thanks for the pattern.

PoetessWug said...

I'm totally with you about the crochet flowers! They are the life of my etsy shop right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

pretty flower and thanks so much for the pattern. When i get settled i will try this.

Craftybegonia said...

Thank you all very much. Enjoy!

Abigail Gilbey said...

Could you please make a video tutorial! <3

Craftybegonia said...

I'm so sorry, Abigail, but right now, i cannot branch out into making video tutorials. I can barely keep up with all that I'n doing. Perhaps in the future I will be able to. But I will not make promises I am unable to keep.