How to Crochet with Knitting Needles Tutorial--- 2

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Last week we started a series of lessons which I hope iwll open to you a whole new source of wonderful stitches whihc you canuse for scarves, granny squares, sweater blocks, and much, much more! We started learning how to use knitting needles with a hook, to create stitches!

This week we will learn the Knit Stitch, which will come very much in handy later on in our lesson series.

For the sake of brevity, we will only cast on 20 stitches like we did last week, but if you are making a block and would like to match it with other block which you have already made, simply crochet enough stitches to match the width of your already existing blocks and knit up until you match their size. You can also continue up all the way to make a scarf, or triple the amount of stitches to make yourself a small pillow for your bed or for your couch. We are only practicing, but as you learn, don't be afraid to apply what you have learned to actual projects you would like to make.
Note- Remember that the width of your block or strip will be the same as the amount of chains you make for your starting cast on.

(Photos show the front and then the back of the knit stitch fabric.)

Worsted weight yarn of your choice
1 set knitting needles size 5
1 crochet hook size F

Let's begin.
Ch 20. Using a crochet hook size F, insert last loop left on crochet hook into knitting needle after you finish your chain, then *insert hook into next ch and pull up a loop of yarn, insert that loop into first knitting needle, pull gently on yarn to adjust loop, rep from *with all chains made until you have 1 loop hanging on the knitting needle per chain made. (20 loops on needle)

Knit Stitch-
To start the knit stitch, which is one of the two basic stitches in knitting, you will follow some of the steps we learned last week, the only difference is that last week, for the Garter Stitch, we did knit stitch in the front and in the back, this time, we need to do the knit stitch in the front and the purl stitch in the back. This is how you do it:
Row 1- (Right Side) With working yarn to the back, insert hook from front to back into first loop on knitting needle, pull up loop, insert into second knitting needle. Rep across, adjusting tension of loop as you insert it into the knitting needle. (You just made a "knit" row)
Purl Stitch-
Row 2-
(Wrong Side) Placing working yarn in front, insert the crochet hook from back to front and with hook facing downward, pull up a loop and insert that loop in second knitting needle.
Rep across. (You just completed a Purl row.)
Rep rows 1 and 2 for pattern. This will form the Stockinette Pattern.
Practice these two rows until you get them down pat. Remember, I've got something planned and I don't want you to miss out on it, so learn them well!

If you require more information than this, please refer to last week's illustrated tutorial.
You can find it here:

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I just have to pinch some of my mother's knitting needles and try this :)

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