Sampler Scarflet Part 1

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This is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice your new hook-knitted skills by making new
stitches and combining them with the kind of crochet you are used to. It is a sampler scarflet that is not only fun but will open for you new possibilities when it comes to how you make your hook work for you!
By the way, these stitches can be used for other things also, for example, this first one would look lovely in a shawl.

Materials:Red Heart worsted weight yarn Bright Yellow (scraps)
Red Heart worsted weight yarn Bikini (variegated) (scraps)
Red Heart worsted weight yarn Pretty ‘N Pink (scraps)
Red Heart worsted weight yarn Pumpkin (scraps)
Red Heart worsted weight yarn Turqua (scraps)
Crochet hook size H
1 pair knitting needles size 5

Hook Knit Pattern 1- (A nice multiple of 2)

With Bright Yellow, ch 24.
Cast on 24 stitches into one of the knitting needles as explained before (please refer to our previous tutorials.)
Row 1- Hook knit across. (24 k sts)
Row 2- Hook purl across. (24 p sts)
Row 3- Insert hook into first two loops on the knitting needle, slip them into the hook, yo, and pass yarn through loops on hook, slip into second knitting needle. Repeat across. (12 sts)
Row 4- * Knit first stitch, insert hook in the small loop below previous purl stitch, and pull up a loop, insert that loop into second knitting needle, insert hook in the horizontal bar before next stitch, yo, pull yarn into second knitting needle (horizontal bar knit), rep across. (24 sts)
Repeat rows 1 to 4 for pattern. Rep pattern for 22 rows. Fasten off, weave in tails. Do NOT take loops off knitting needle!
Row 23- Holding strand of Bikini, insert hook into first loop and pull Bikini yarn into that loop, yo, insert hook into next loop, pull yarn through both loops on hook, continue casting off as explained before, insert hook into next loop in knitting needle and pull loop through both loops on hook in a slip stitch fashion, insert hook into next loop, pull loop and bring that loop through both loops on hook, continue in this manner until you have only one loop left on the knitting needle, insert that loop into your hook and fasten off as you usually to end a crochet row. Do NOT Fasten off Bikini.

Stitch No. 2-
Row 1-
(Wrong Side) With Bikini and working on the chains formed when you did the cast off, make 1 sc in each stitch across. (24 sc) Ch 2, turn (counts as 1 sc plus 1 ch).
Row 2- (Right Side) Skip second sc, *1 sc in next sc, ch 1, skip next sc, 1 sc in next sc, rep from *across. End row with 1 sc in last sc. Ch 2, turn.
Row 3- 1 sc in first ch-1 sp, ch 1, sc in next ch-sp, ch 1, *1 sc in next ch-sp, ch 1, rep from * across, 1 sc in top of turning ch.
Rep row 3 for pattern until you have completed 7 rows from starting row 1. Fasten off Bikini as usual and weave in ends.
Join Pretty ‘N Pink with a slip st.
Row 8- Rep row 2.
Row 9- Rep row 3.
Rows 10 to 14- continue repeating rows 2 and 3. Fasten off Pretty ‘N Pink, weave in ends.

To be continued. . .

Note- If you have written me messages, please have some patience. I am not even supposed to be posting. I'm sick. Have had something rather serious and am supposed to be resting! If it wasn't because I have a laptop and can work from my bed, I wouldn't have posted until weeks from now. So please, bear with me, I'll get back to you when I can.

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